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Vanessa's Selling Tips


  • Quality photographs do attract more attention.
  • Advertisements that don't mention or indicate price are a waste of money.
  • Don't throw away money doing up your house for sale. Inexpensive cosmetic work is fine, but leave the major renovations for the next owner.
  • Price your home realistically, based on recent local sales as a guide and advice from a reputable and successful agent.
  • Dull homes attract dull prices. Buyers don't like animal odours or hair, cigarette or strong food smells, cracked windows, doors or windows that stick, signs of damp in the walls, stained carpets, neglected gardens or clutter. A clean and tidy property (inside and out) adds value and saleability to your home. It shouldn't take much effort, nor cost much.
  • If the property is empty, you might consider getting some expert advice and even hiring furniture for the sale period – this can really help.
  • Trusting someone to sell your property is a big deal. Financially and emotionally. If you choose your agent with the toss of a coin, you'll end up tossing and turning all night but, with some consideration you should find one with whom you'll achieve a good result.
  • Choose an agent you can trust. Your agent will spend a lot of time in your home, and will be responsible for looking after your possessions and representing your interests in negotiations. Your agent's negotiating skills are critical so choose very carefully, to ensure they understand the principles of negotiating and have enough experience in all aspects of real estate to back up the theory.
  • Many agents fall short on knowledge when it comes to the technicalities in a contract therefore find out what experience an agent has in all aspects of the process. Selling real estate is not just about hosting buyers at a property. Your best interests must be protected at all stages of the process.
  • vanessa macleod selling clientsDon't be persuaded or fooled by promises of a quick sale. An indication of a successful agent would be to find out what prices the agent achieved in recent sales as compared to listed prices and how long the agent took to achieve that result as compared to the wider market results. Many agents make big initial promises and then spend the next month or two trying to prove why you cannot achieve the listed price. Unfortunately the real estate industry has been so often embroiled in negativity due to bullish agents with little integrity or respect for you after you have signed the listing authority.
  • Make sure your marketing budget is spent promoting your property and find out how much the agent is contributing to the marketing budget. Remember – if Open Homes and their ‘promised' buyer database are their sole marketing strategy, you might as well sell the property yourself.
  • Realistically, you won't get to know your agent until the marketing programme begins – so check out any previous marketing efforts if possible as there's a lot of property advertised and it's important yours stands out.
  • Consider whether you approve your property sale date and price used as a marketing tool by your agent after the contract has been signed. Sometimes this is the only marketing an agent participates in.
  • Don't select according to commission rate – yes, a cheaper agent may possibly mean less marketing options or a 'cheap job'. Likewise an agent who offers a higher price and says they can justify their fee may be accustomed to resting on their past (and some are long past!) successes, bully tactics or they may take your business for granted - spend some time with any prospective agent so you can make an educated decision.
  • The real estate industry is constantly changing and agents need to keep up with new marketing ideas, technology and legislation therefore choose an agent who you can best build a rapport with and work with them to create a package that suits you.
  • As an industry standard choose an REIQ accredited agency in Queensland. Please visit for more information.
  • When's the best time to sell? Buyers for good properties can be found all year round. It's really about your circumstances and when suits you not the seasons.
  • A certificate of compliance should be obtained from your local council or building authority if you have undertaken any major building work.
  • Note all the things to be included in the purchase price such as light fittings, curtains, blinds and whiteware. If you decide to exclude them, be sure this is noted with the agent prior to inspections and negotiations.